Manure Fork

We vend the forks presently in five versions with different width. By all of them we ensure the high solidity and deformation resistance. The prongs are firmly hitched in the hardened steel profile.


Manure Fork
Type F 130 F 150 F 170 F 190 F 210
Width 1,30 m 1,50 m 1,70 m 1,90 m 2,10 m
Spike no. 7 8 9 10 11
Weight 115 kg 135 kg 150 kg 165 kg 180 kg

Řada FG

Grab fork

For loading of manure and composts.

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ES range

Stacking equipment

It is used for stacking of round and square bales of hay, straw and flax.

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FB range

Bale fork

Ideal for moving, loading and stacking of the bales of hay, straw, flax.

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FP range

Pallet fork

The forks are for lifting and moving of the pallets, boxes, and the like.

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