Standard bucket 

The robust bucket for heavy works constructed with regard to the highest resistance requirements. It is produced from firm and strong sheet steel, which assures that the bucket doesn´t deform even by a heavy load.


Standard bucket 
Type BD 160 BD 185 BD 210 BD 235
Width 1,60 m 1,85 m 2,10 m 2,35 m
Capacity 0,48 m³ 0,56 m³ 0,63 m³ 0,72 m³
Weight 202 kg 224 kg 248 kg 265 kg

BDT range

Bucket with teeth

For the manipulation with settled sands, soil, gravel, stones, compost.

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BDL range

High volume bucket

Suitable for snow or friable light materials.

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BM range


For loading of manures and composts.

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WB range

Balance weight

It improves the tractor stability during the operation with the loader.

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