Working tools for front loaders

As a long-standing front loader producer we know very well that even the best loader would be for its owner only of litlle importance without some high-quality and universal working tools. That is the reason why we have been paying our attention to the development of our own tools which fulfill all of your needs and demands. Through the combination of the high-quality tools with the TracLift loader and your tractor you will obtain a first rate tool for easy, safe and effective work.


The working tools are provided with EURO hitching which makes the connection with some other brands of loaders equipped with the EURO tools carrier possible.


Really everyone can surely choose from our range of working tools. 

BD range

Standard bucket

For manipulation with mellow sand, soil, brash.

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BDT range

Bucket with teeth

For the manipulation with settled sands, soil, gravel, stones, compost.

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BDL range

High volume bucket

Suitable for snow or friable light materials.

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SC range

Silage cutter

For work with silage.

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BM range


For loading of manures and composts.

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Řada FG

Grab fork

For loading of manure and composts.

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TB range

Tonges for bales

For the manipulation and stacking of the round bales.

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ES range

Stacking equipment

It is used for stacking of round and square bales of hay, straw and flax.

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FB range

Bale fork

Ideal for moving, loading and stacking of the bales of hay, straw, flax.

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FP range

Pallet fork

The forks are for lifting and moving of the pallets, boxes, and the like.

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PL range

Pallet lock

In the combination with the pallet fork it serves for manipulation with logs or for better load assurance.

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SB range

Bale spike

For pricking of bales.

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HB range

Cross holder

It makes the manipulation with big bags easier and it makes their safe hanging possible.

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WB range

Balance weight

It improves the tractor stability during the operation with the loader.

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HB range

Hook for big bags

It serves for safe and effective manipulation with big bags.

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