High volume bucket

With the high volume bucket you can easily cope with snow or light material. In comparison with the standard bucket the high volume bucket is quite a bit deeper and wider but its good stability and strength are preserved.


High volume bucket
Type BDL 185 BDL 215 BDL 240
Width 1,85 m 2,15 m 2,40 m
Volume 0,96 m³ 1,12 m³ 1,25 m³
Weight 300 kg 345 kg 360 kg

BD range

Standard bucket

For manipulation with mellow sand, soil, brash.

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BDT range

Bucket with teeth

For the manipulation with settled sands, soil, gravel, stones, compost.

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BM range


For loading of manures and composts.

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WB range

Balance weight

It improves the tractor stability during the operation with the loader.

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