Grab fork

For moving of the common manure our grab fork is perfect suitable. Its prongs hold the material without the necessity of exerting of the very high working pressure and thanks to its robust construction they resist deformations very well.


Grab fork
Type FG 150 FG 170 FG 190
Width 1,50 m 1,70 m 1,90 m
Capacity 0,80 m³ 0,90 m³ 1,00 m³
Weight 240 kg 255 kg 270 kg

BD range

Standard bucket

For manipulation with mellow sand, soil, brash.

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BDT range

Bucket with teeth

For the manipulation with settled sands, soil, gravel, stones, compost.

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BDL range

High volume bucket

Suitable for snow or friable light materials.

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BM range


For loading of manures and composts.

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